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business habits

Update July 2023: Because this matters. If you practice good business etiquette and align with others who do, everyone prospers. I originally published this article in 2014. It's amazing how relevant it still is, and yet how much the world…

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image is everything

In business, image is everything. How well do your photos express your brand? If you're thinking about updating your portraits or business photography, here are some things to consider so you make the most of your investment. photography as branding…

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gearing up for 2021

Thankfully, 2020's almost a wrap. Has there ever been a stranger year? This year brought an odd blend of catastrophe and opportunity. Because of the pandemic, many smaller businesses are still in survival mode. We've helped a number of them…

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covid lessons in marketing

WFH. Zoom meetings. Masks. Customers with lockdown anxiety. Civil unrest. Pandemic reality has changed the landscape for so many businesses. How has it affected marketing? What we’ve learned so far: Covid’s effect has been as drastic and random on business…

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rebranding from chaos

If chaos theory is right, something new and potentially better is on the way. Within the seemingly random events of today's world, systems are reorganizing and adapting to rapidly changing conditions. Savvy businesses are evaluating, responding and reconfiguring to meet…

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marketing in the new reality

Covid-19 changes everything. Who could have imagined the head-spinning rate of change we’re experiencing today in our personal and professional lives? While the pandemic is arguably the single biggest challenge of a lifetime for any business, it’s also an opportunity…

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