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marketing in the new reality

Covid-19 changes everything.

Who could have imagined the head-spinning rate of change we’re experiencing today in our personal and professional lives?

While the pandemic is arguably the single biggest challenge of a lifetime for any business, it’s also an opportunity to demonstrate agility in meeting the needs of our rapidly evolving society.

We firmly believe in the ingenuity and resilience of entrepreneurs in the face of crisis. Small businesses are adapting quickly as conditions change, and we’re here to stay.


marketing tips for small business

Marketing will look different for many smaller businesses as we navigate the terrain of this new reality. But if businesses are going to survive, marketing is still a necessity as we adapt to meet the needs of those we can serve. Communication is crucial.

Here are a few tips for staying focused as the chaos brought on by the pandemic continues to swirl.

Revamp your marketing strategy and budget. This will be different for each business depending on your product or service offering, location and delivery method. It’s safe to say that ALL businesses are affected by the rapid changes catalyzed by the pandemic, and now’s the time to take a good look at how your marketing program needs to adapt. If your business wasn’t shuttered by the outbreak, marketing is how you continue to communicate. Here are some things to consider.

Determine your brand relevance. Has your brand statement changed in the new reality? Are there new products or services you can offer that meet the needs of current and potential customers at this time?

Be authentic. It’s a strange new world for everyone. Life is more complicated than pre-Covid. Let employees, customers and clients know how your business is changing to meet current and future needs. Strive for authenticity in business management and communications.

Adjust your messaging to changing conditions. Focus on helping more than selling. Provide value. Communicate with a thoughtful, empathic tone. Use your blog and email lists to communicate relevant information. Here are content tips from Mail Chimp.

Develop a new business model. Consider collaboration with complementary businesses to enhance your product/service offerings. Is there something you can sell/deliver remotely or online?

Stay connected with current customers. What else can you offer? Be helpful. Communicate when you have something of value for your audience. Here are more content tips from Mail Chimp.

Engage via websites, social media, video conferencing. Leverage existing media channels to maintain and strengthen relationships. Increase your brand awareness with content and paid advertising. Keep the public updated via your website and posts.

Tap into the power of Google. There are low- and no-cost ways to leverage the all-powerful search engine to gain attention for your business and your website. Look at their tips for small business and try Google My Business and Google Ads to start.

Keep your website safe and secure. Hackers are not taking this time off. The public health crisis actually provides a perfect distraction for bad actors to attack any vulnerabilities. Is your website completely updated and protected? Learn more here and contact us if you need a security audit.

Most importantly, stay in the now. This isn’t a time to be planning too much for the future. Focus on continuity, adaptability and serving a changing market as this crisis evolves.

Take a deep breath, unleash your creativity and find your niche.


more resources

Here are some sources of intriguing news, analysis and commentary we’re loving these days. If you haven’t already found them, enjoy!

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we’re here to help

Contact me today to find out how we can support your business in these changing times. As always, I offer a complimentary consultation to explore your marketing needs.

Like 9/11 and every crisis before or since, the pandemic of 2020 shows us how much we need each other. As family and friends and neighbors and businesses, we’re interdependent.

We’re poised to help so we can keep moving the economy forward.


allison rae

Based in southern California, Allison is a brand marketing expert and web designer with an extensive background in consumer and business-to-business marketing. She's also a professional photographer. Her passion is blending creativity with business savvy to achieve results with her clients. Sōlfire Creative is the third iteration of her marketing agency.

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