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How will my business benefit from outside marketing help?

A strategic marketing program will help you expand your business, increase sales, build brand identity for your products and services, identify target markets, build relationships, support your sales team and create public support. If you’re facing specific challenges in your business, we’ll help you develop a strategy to address the trouble spots and take your company to the next level.


Can you help businesses located anywhere?

Yes. We meet in person when we can, but in today’s world we regularly connect with clients by phone and video conference. Using the latest technology, we offer virtual meeting solutions that are cost-effective, time-efficient and environmentally friendly.


How does it work?

Step 1: Strategy. You’ll be asked about your business goals, budget and timing, then we’ll design a marketing program and/or website for your business.

Step 2: Creative. We’ll implement a specific plan based on your needs and budget.

Step 3: Evaluation and refinement. Once your program is in place, we’ll report regularly and check in with you about results. Based on ongoing communication, we’ll make recommendations to refine and expand your marketing program to build on your success.


What kind of contract will I have?

Arrangements are flexible and suited to your needs. Options include:

  • boutique-style ad agency
  • short- or long-term consultancy
  • project/contract basis
  • serve as your in-house marketing department
  • monthly retainer
  • handle overflow for a busy agency


How much should I expect to spend?

Like many business services, there’s no set fee for web design, photography and marketing support. We help businesses of all sizes outline a realistic and effective marketing program based on their business goals and budget. Your marketing strategy can also be carried out in phases to spread the cost. If you’re serious about growing your business or addressing a challenge you face in the marketplace, now is the time to find out how we can help.


What kind of businesses do you serve?

Clients who benefit most from our services include:

  • consumer products and services
  • business-to-business products and services
  • professional firms
  • late-stage startups
  • sole proprietors
  • visionary architects and community planners
  • cultural creatives
  • design industry
  • entertainment
  • technology
  • companies and non-profits focusing on environmental, cultural and social initiatives

Click here for a list of our clients and collaborators.


How do I get started?

Just call or text 858 224 2826. Provide some details and the best way and time to reach you.

Are you ready to get noticed? Call us. 858 224 2826 We'd love to help.
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