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marketing makeover

Are you planning a new website for 2018 or maybe a redesign? Thinking about rebranding?

There are many reasons a company should start the new year with a fresh new look and strategy, and now’s the time to get started for a first-quarter launch.


makeover magic.

Do any of these apply to your business?

If you’re planning a change of direction or getting started in a new line of business, you’ll need a website refresh or possibly a separate website.

Lots of companies consider rebranding as the new year approaches. There are specific pro’s and con’s to this strategy.

If you plan to take your business to the next level in 2018, it’s probably time for a website and branding reboot.

To keep up with technology and changes in the marketplace, a website redesign is recommended every 2-3 years for most businesses and even more frequently for certain brands.

Mobile-friendly design becomes increasingly important each year. The pressure is on for all business websites to be fully optimized for mobile devices.


your branding team.

We offer agency-quality web design and branding packages priced for small to mid-size businesses, including:

  • Branding strategy
  • Website design/redesign
  • Branded photography and video
  • Social media services
  • SEO and digital advertising

Our highly experienced tech and creative professionals bring dozens of years of corporate and ad agency experience to your project.

Your project will be done right – the first time.

Your brand will be front and center.

We help you build relationships and sell.

To learn more, email us for a complimentary 20-minute consultation about your website and branding needs.

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Based in southern California, Allison is a brand marketing expert and web designer with an extensive background in consumer and business-to-business marketing. She's also a professional photographer. Her passion is blending creativity with business savvy to achieve results with her clients. Sōlfire Creative is the third iteration of her marketing agency.

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