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the human touch

Just like that. Suddenly it’s a new era and our entire way of doing business has changed.

The coronavirus pandemic touches every aspect of our lives and communities. Some things are forever changed. Some of what we relied on has already been swept away. But that means something new is on the horizon, and we can help shape it. As entrepreneurs, how do we adjust to this rapidly shifting reality?

The economic landscape looks vastly different than it did several months, weeks and days ago. Each day brings new challenges, new catalysts for change. What will it take for businesses to keep moving forward, to not only survive but thrive in these uncertain times?


staying connected

As entrepreneurs we need to connect with each other, again and again, in order to build trusted relationships that lead to business success.

In the U.S. we greet each other and make deals with a handshake. We network with others to expand our circle of contacts. We connect one-on-one and in groups to plan and create work. We attend conferences and trade shows to meet each other and learn.

The current pandemic changes all that. Or does it?

As more and more people adapt by shifting to remote work, online business and virtual meetings, it’s important to stay connected in real and authentic ways. Just because our business model or delivery system changes doesn’t mean we can afford to lose the human touch. Instead of shaking hands now we’re elbow bumping, shoe tapping or bowing, because it’s our nature to want to connect.

Regardless of how we interact, it’s the connection that matters.


how we can help

Economic ups and downs are a fact of life. We’ve been through this before. Over the years we’ve helped many small to mid-sized companies and solo entrepreneurs with their marketing, branding and messaging strategies, their websites and social media.

We can:

1) Get you online or enhance your online presence. Quickly.

We’ve been helping experienced and emerging entrepreneurs market their businesses professionally since before the last recession hit back in 2008. As your business changes with the times, your marketing needs to evolve. Our specialties: Marketing/communications strategy, website design/redesign, brand launch or rebranding, business photography, social media, digital advertising, local search, landing pages and lead generation/conversion. 

2) Get your adaptive messaging out there to the right audience.

Ongoing changes in your business require a flexible communications program targeting each of your key audiences. We can help develop strategy, messaging and tactical plans leveraging the best marketing and communication tools to help you achieve your goals. We’ll support you as things keep changing, too.

3) Connect you to other business resources.

We have a vast network of trusted professionals whose specialties cover every area of business. If you need business help beyond marketing and websites, we can very likely connect you to someone who’s a good fit. 

4) Programming to support your business growth.

We’re starting a virtual conversation around innovative business practices to meet the challenges of these times. We’ll focus initially on authentic marketing and messaging and go from there. You can participate via Zoom. 

Learn more about how we can help your business at this critical time.


now’s the time

Contact me today and find out how we can support your business in these changing times.

Like 9/11 and every crisis before or since, the pandemic of 2020 shows us how much we need each other. As family and friends and neighbors and businesses, we’re interdependent.

We’re poised to help so we can keep moving the economy forward, powered by the most innovative, responsive and resilient segment – entrepreneurs!


allison rae

Based in southern California, Allison is a brand marketing expert and web designer with an extensive background in consumer and business-to-business marketing. She's also a professional photographer. Her passion is blending creativity with business savvy to achieve results with her clients. Sōlfire Creative is the third iteration of her marketing agency.

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